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About five years ago, the ceiling fell in on me. I was sitting at a neuroscience conference dedicated to the theme of “Attention and Learning”. The keynote speaker was a bold and articulate Patricia Quinn, renowned expert on AD/HD. I was totally connecting her presentation to my own classroom and I was *psyched*: Weak emotional …

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When I was little, my brother asked me to play video games with him once a month. That was about how long it took for him to forget that I have almost no ability to make a person who is not me move by pressing buttons. I also did not want to “share” the Rubik’s …

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“…create conditions where right from the jump you’re giving people intellectually-engaging material. And even if their skills are so poor that they can’t read it, then you read it for them. Maybe you have to scale things down a bit, maybe you rewrite it. You throw people into it, and then along the way you address the bits and pieces.  They can be defining moments for people. They’re powerful. They help shape who we are. It can happen with kids who maybe aren’t doing so well in school. It can happen if we create the right kinds of environments for them.”

~Mike Rose, The Intelligence in All Kinds of Work, and the Human Core of All Education That Matters
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September 16, 2015

I should never be alone in an office supply store. But every year I have to make a back-to-school pilgrimage to see what the organizational gods have designed for this year’s batch of adolescent frontal lobes. The frontal lobe, which contains the prefrontal cortex, is our executive command center- the place where problem-solving and decision-making …

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This summer I signed up for a six-day assisted trek in the Icelandic highlands as a way to “get away from life.” Isn’t that cute? Apparently Iceland was magical, so I decided that’s where life was going to pause. No problem! I hike. I have water shoes. Bring on the vistas!

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